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New FCA website: ScamSmart

It is estimated that £1.2bn is lost to Investment Fraud each year, so in response the FCA website has created a specific site giving details of scams with warnings: ScamSmart

Latest scams include emails appearing to be from companies such as Pay Pal and Apple indicating there is a problem with your account, or that a purchase has been made using your details. You are then directed to a site to confirm these details and are requested to enter your bank/card details.

This is a scam – no company will ask you to confirm your bank or card details in full online. If you’re suspicious, contact the payment provider or store and your bank immediately.

Investment 101: planning makes perfect

Why invest?

investingInvesting can be a great way to give your money a better chance of growth over a long term. Typically, you have the choice between investing and saving. With saving, the only addition you make comes from the amount added by interest. On the other hand, when investing money is placed in a variety of assets, which each posses the potential to increase in value at a level higher than the current interest rate. The truth however, which sometimes deters people from investing is that risk is involved. Before investing, you need to be ready to take a risk with your money in order to be in with a chance of getting a good return. It’s also important to understand that when investing, there is a potential of loss, alongside the potential of gain. Investments carry different levels of risk, so it is important to ensure you go in at a level that you’re comfortable with. Typically, the more return you hope to make, the higher the risk.

Risk and investment

Over the past few years, “risk” has become a popular term in the context of investments. This is in part due to the fact that the 2008 financial crisis showed how many investors were unsure or unclear about what risks they’d be taking with their investments. The word risk, even within a narrow scope of investing, can be viewed in many different ways. One distinction we can make is between “investor risk” and “investment risk”. ‘Investor risk’ can be described as the possibility of not being able to match your future outgoings with the savings pot you’ve accumulated for this purpose. We manage this risk when gathering information regarding the future cash flow requirements of our clients and advising accordingly. ‘Investment risk’ is different. It describes the fluctuations in value of a portfolio over time. This means that instead of looking solely at potential loss, we focus on the predictability of expected returns.

Why set up your investment plan with Rossmore?

We are devoted to giving you the best investment plan for your money, your goals and your personal risks. To begin with, it is vital that we determine with you how much risk you are prepared to accept, since this will ultimately determine what rate of return you can reasonably expect from your investments. Through our discussions we also completed a risk-based questionnaire tailored to you before providing specific recommendation relating to your investment planning, and to clarify your attitude to investment risk and objectives. Importantly, we also consider how long you are prepared to invest for. Risk profile   At each stage we gather information which comes together form an accurate risk profile. This in-depth process ensures that we are able to assess the best investment options for you. So, why go anywhere else? Contact Rossmore for your investment plan today.